Water Pumps

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Dewatering Water Pumps

Honda® dewatering pumps come in a wide selection for use in a variety of purposes. These include irrigation, flood control, swimming pool draining and light construction. Dewatering pumps like the WX10, WB20 and WH15 are lightweight with engines that are easy to start.

Construction Water Pumps

The construction pumps by Honda® are made to be heavy-duty with solid handling capabilities and quick clean out ports. The WDP30 has a rock channel to prevent damage to the case from small objects. The WT40 has a massive 423-gallon per minute capacity for those difficult tasks.

Multi-Purpose Water Pumps

Honda®’s multi-purpose pumps can handle several different types of industrial and agricultural chemicals in addition to being able to pump water. The thermoplastic pump housing makes them invulnerable to potentially corrosive chemicals. The WMP20 has a Honda® OHV commercial engine that starts easily and a large 220-gallon per minute capacity to get the job done quickly.

Submersible Water Pumps

If you have a pond, fountain or pool, you can get one of Honda®’s submersible pumps with top discharge and continuous use ratings. These pumps are ideal for any situation where you need a pump that can be used underwater. The WSP100 has a large 150-gallon per minute capacity in addition to the ability to handle solids up to 2”.