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Gardenland’s founder Ray Matsumoto was the first dealer in the US to import Shindaiwa hedge trimmers and line trimmers back in the early 1970s. Shindaiwa equipment has a reputation for delivering power, performance and durability. The professional quality of their equipment makes it a favorite with gardeners and landscapers. Gardenland is one of their biggest dealers in the US and a warranty center.

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Shindaiwa Hedge Trimmers

Shindaiwa hedge trimmers feature extra-sharp, double reciprocating blades that slice "lighting quick" for precise-looking cuts and edges.  They are available in either double-sided or single-sided configurations as well as two blade lengths for each.  The blades are nickel-plated for long-lasting durability.  Rubber grips allow for great comfort and control.  The DH232 and DH235 feature a 180 degree rotating handle.  The HT232 and HT235 are lightweight and equipped with a standard debris sweeper for easy clean up.

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Shindaiwa Line Trimmers

Shindaiwa line trimmers are big on power and low on weight. We sell the standard string trimmer and the blade-ready T262X and T302X trimmers.  All Shindaiwa line trimmers include their Speed-Feed® cutting heads that re-load in seconds without dis-assembly are standard on each model.

Shindaiwa Multi-tool Attachments

Shindaiwa's Multi-Tool System is built for the commercial user looking for maximum versatility from a single tool. Its simple interlocking connection allows a single power source to be used with up to nine different attachments, ensuring you have the right tool to accomplish the task at hand. The multi-tool system is a great alternative to dedicated units, reducing maintenance and space.

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