Gardenland’s Pro-Plan Subscription Program

Gardenland’s Pro-Plan Subscription Program

The Pro-Plan is geared towards providing landscape professionals with a variety of commercial-grade landscape battery tools by offering a low cost of entry to a flexible and scalable program that optimizes the customer’s workflow efficiency. Customers interested in Gardenland’s Pro-Plan Subscription Program are subject to application approval.

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  • Immediate Cost Savings
    • Save on upfront costs, pay monthly for equipment and service.
    • Removes the need for onsite mechanics and other equipment management expenses such as fuel, oil, air filters, spark plugs, gas filters, etc.
  • Equipment Flexibility and Scalability:
    • Pro-Plan allows for a multi-brand platform. Pick and choose the tools that fit -best for your crew, even if they are different manufacturers.
  • Workflow Efficiency:
    • Same-day exchange for repairs, warranty, and damages allows worksites to stay active with full-service offerings.
    • No downtime for repairs, warranty, and replacements. 

Application Process

  1. Apply In-store OR fill out interest form and a Gardenland Representative will contact you. Application can only be completed in-store 
  2. Once application is completed, application will be reviewed by Gardenland’s Finance Department.
    • Application Approval is based on Gardenland Customer Purchase History and Length of Business Partnership 
    • Ideal time for length of Application Review: ~1 hour.   Application review time can vary
  3. *Required to apply to Gardenland’s Pro-Plan
    • Valid California Driver’s License
    • Credit/Debit card
  4. 2 year Handheld 3 Year Ride on