Gardenland’s Pro-Plan Subscription Program


What is the Pro-Plan Subscription Program? 

The Pro-Plan was launched to help landscapers in California make the transition to battery by offering a variety of commercial-grade landscape battery tools at a low cost of entry. Pay monthly for battery-powered equipment and never worry about not having a tool for the job. It’s as simple as that!

Customers interested in Gardenland’s Pro-Plan Subscription Program are subject to application approval.


  • Immediate Cost Savings
    • Save on upfront costs, pay monthly for equipment and service.
    • Removes the need for onsite mechanics and other equipment management expenses such as fuel, oil, air filters, spark plugs, gas filters, etc.
  • Equipment Flexibility and Scalability:
    • Pro-Plan can be used with any battery equipment brand. Pick and choose the tools that fit best for your crew.
  • Workflow Efficiency:
    • Same-day equipment exchange for repairs, warranty, and damages allows worksites to stay active with full-service offerings.
    • If your equipment that is under the Pro-Plan gets damaged and needs to get repaired, bring it to Gardenland and get another unit right away while your damaged one gets worked on. No more waiting!


  1. Apply In-store OR fill out interest form and a Gardenland Representative will contact you. Application can only be completed in-store 
  2. Once application is completed, application will be reviewed by Gardenland’s Finance Department.
    • Application Approval is based on Gardenland Customer Purchase History and Length of Business Partnership 
    • Ideal time for length of Application Review: ~1 hour.   Application review time can vary
  3. *Required to apply to Gardenland’s Pro-Plan
    • Valid California Driver’s License
    • Credit/Debit card
  4. Subscription term is 2 years for handheld tools and 3 years for ride-on Equipment. End-of-term buy-out options available