Towa Industries, Inc. | Innovation and Sustainability for Outdoor Power Equipment

TOWA Tools designs and distributes innovative zero-emission products and smart charging solutions in the outdoor power equipment industry.

The first product they launched was the TOWA PDM (power distribution management) Smart Charger. It solves a missing critical part of the battery equipment ecosystem.

Their next break-through idea is the RetroFit product. The platform converts gas-to-battery-powered equipment in minutes. It’s simple, cost-effective, and transforms old, heavy, noisy, gas engine tools into more powerful, lighter, quieter, zero-emission tools.

TOWA Universal Power Head

TOWA Power Distribution Manager

TOWA Battery Power Stations

Towa Tools Battery Power Stations can work with any brand charger with US-outlets. Both of our 1800W/3000W power stations all have USB-C and USB ports for your convenience. Get up to a total of 17.5kWh of mobile power with TOWA’s 2500Wh Expansion Battery System Charge your battery power station off-peak hours then use your 3000W power station when you need it.

TOWA Power Distribution Manager

The TOWA TTPDM120S 4-Channel Power Distribution Manager is a standalone power management appliance that allows up to 8 low-power AC charge systems (120V /16A or less) to charge off a single 120V/20A circuit, utilizing a highly sophisticated algorithm to detect load and circuit capacity. Allowing the user to safely plug in multiple loads without having to worry about overloading the circuit.

TOWA universal power head

The TOWA Retro-e Kit is a ground-breaking product. It will convert your gas-powered equipment into a lithium-ion battery-powered tool in minutes.

The move from gas-powered landscape equipment to battery-powered equipment is here; not coming soon. Many cities and schools across the country are reducing their carbon footprint or moving to a zero-emission future. The State of California passed AB 1346 that will ban the sale of small gas-powered engines in 2024.