California CORE Program

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$27 Million $10 Million in Voucher Funding Available for Zero-Emission Professional Landscape Equipment

Learn more about how to keep money in your pocket and save on the transition from going Gas-To-Battery. Battery can be expensive! Gardenland is here to help and keep you in the know of how to make the most of the CA CORE Program. 

Download the Full Presentation on the CA CORE Program and learn how to get the most value for your business. Powered by Gardenland

An overview of California CORE Program is presented by JP Silva, Sales Operations Specialist at Gardenland Power Equipment.

Benefits of purchasing from Gardenland using the CORE Program

Battery-powered equipment is becoming increasingly popular in the landscape industry due to its many benefits, including lower noise levels, zero emissions, and reduced maintenance costs.

However, the initial investment in battery equipment can be a significant obstacle for small and micro businesses, which may not have the capital to make the switch and that’s where CORE Program comes in.

You can get discounts up to 70% off MSRP for a limited time only up to $25,000!

How it works

  • See if you qualify – Do you have a professional landscaping company based in California?
  • Research or View CORE Eligible Equipment online or in our store – marked with CORE badges
  • Speak to a Gardenland member or fill out the form to have a staff member reach out to you!
  • Gardenland compiles documents and submits application to CORE for approval. Once approved, rebates are applied and customer pays the remainder of the order and picks up equipment!

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