Chain Sharpening Service

Try Our Bulk Chain Sharpening Service

Get your chainsaw chains cleaned and razor sharpened from our fast, professional service.

It’s So Easy

  • Place Your Order.

  • Pay $89.99 and we will mail you a pre-paid USPS Small Flat Rate Box, or pay $80 and we will email you a prepaid label and you get a USPS Small Flat Rate Box.

  • You Fill-Up the box with as many chains as you can fit into the box, and mail it to us.

  • We send you an email confirmation when we receive your chains.

  • Our factory trained technicians sharpen your chains within 48 hours and we will ship your chains back to you.

  • This service is for standard chains less than 36″ in length, and does not carbide and terminator chains.


Call 408-377-4496 for Availability

Financing By 

Call 408-377-4496 for Availability

Financing By 

Save More Money When You Sharpen More Chains

We have the lowest price on the Internet for mail-order chain sharpening service.

  • Bulk Chain Sharpening Fee $63.99 
  • US Postal Service Fees $26
  • Total $89.99


Number of Chains

Our Regular Sharpening Price
20″ or less = $15
20″ or more = $20

using 20″ chain size













Box = USPS Small Flat Rate Box
(Can hold approximately 6-12 saw chains depending upon the length of chains).