Chain Sharpening Service

Try Our Bulk Chain Sharpening Service

Get your chainsaw chains cleaned and razor sharpened from our fast, professional service. Maximum 10 chains per box to be serviced for the low price of $89.99 + tax.

It’s So Easy

Save More Money When You Sharpen More Chains

We have the lowest price on the Internet for mail-order chain sharpening service. Get your chains professionally sharpened without the hassle!


Number of Chains

Our Regular Sharpening Price
20″ or less = $15
20″ or more = $20

using 20″ chain size,
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(Bulk Chainsaw Services – 2 boxes)



Box = USPS Small Flat Rate Box
(Can hold approximately 6-10 saw chains depending upon the length of chains) Maximum is 10 chains per box, if you have additional chains that you would like to have professionally sharpened, please purchase another Bulk Chain Sharpening Service and let us know. We may also reserve the right to charge per extra chain over quantity of 10 chains per order.