City of Oakland Saved Nearly $30,000 from a TOWA Retro-e Conversion


City of Oakland Saved Nealry $30,000 from a TOWA Retro-e Conversion

In January of 2021, The City of Oakland passed an ordinance that bans the use of combustion engine-powered leaf blowers and string timmers. The City’s landscape division had to stop using over 60 STIHL gas-powered line trimmers, and were staring at a $50,000 expenditure to buy new battery-powered string trimmers for their crew.

The team converted two of their old worn-out STIHL FS91R line trimmers into zero-emission tools using the TOWA Retro-E kit.  

According to Clinton Pugh from the City of Oakland, their team like the higher torque from the electric motor, the weight reduction from the smaller electric motor vs. the heavy gas engine, and the elimination of gas fumes, noise, and high expense of buying gas for all of their equipment.

They were so pleased about the performance of the TOWA tools, that the city converted their entire fleet and saved nearly $30,000.