Chainsaw Safety Check with Jared Abrojena and Chris Bruner

Jared Abrojena and Chris Bruner chainsaw safety

Learn how to safely start-up a chainsaw with Jared Abrojena, ISE Tree Climbing World Champion & Professional Arborist, and Chris Bruner from ProAction Tree Specialists. Before you operate a chainsaw, everyone should learn what safety gear to wear, and the proper safety tips to inspect then start-up a chainsaw. Chris reviews his safety feature check on Husqvarna chainsaws that can be applied to all chainsaws regardless if you intend to operate the saw on thee ground or up in a tree. Bruner always checks: the chainsaw brake, the chain catcher, the fuel tank, chainsaw bumpers, the throttle lock-out, and the on/off switch. Jared covers his systematic process to check the saw from the front to back of the chainsaw. He always checks: the bar and chain, the chain brake, compression release, fuel purge, and automatic choke before starting his chainsaw. In the next video both Jared and Chris will review proper chainsaw start-up and how to start a flooded chainsaw. This safety clinic was hosted by Gardenland Power Equipment in Campbell, CA., and Husqvarna USA.

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