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Wacker Neuson WP1550AW Vibration



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The Wacker WP1550AW Vibration Soil Plate features a patented computer designed base plate that has a tapered bottom and edges for high speed and excellent maneuverability. Designed for the compaction of granular, mixed materials in confined areas of granular soil in narrow trenches. These plates are ideal for cubs, gutters, around tanks, forms, columns, footings, guard railings, drainage ditches, gas and sewer works and building construction.  Wacker vibration plates have set the industry standard for performance and durability in confined areas such as parking lots, highway and bridge construction, next to structures, curbs and abutments. Wacker vibration plates are also popular for landscape applications for subbase and paver compaction.

  • Lightweight, high strength aluminum components keep machine weight down and allow for easy handling.
    Straight, center-mounted guide handle offers superior maneuverability and can be lowered within inches of the surface to operate the plate under obstacles and form work.
  • Tough, wear resistant ductile iron base plate offers durability and shock resistance.
  • Water tank models have a large capacity polyethylene tank that includes a large filter inside the tank to prevent clogging during operation and can be easily removed for cleaning and draining.
  • Asphalt models include a spray bar with angled holes to allow for complete water coverage for no asphalt pick up on the plate bottom.
  • High inertia clutch with adjustable shims ensures smoother operation, longer belt life, and simplified belt adjustment.
  • Many lifting points and front lift cage offer easier loading and unloading for operator convenience.
  • 3-year warranty, Made in the USA
  • Weight: 190 lbs.
  • Base plate size: 19.5″ x 23″
  • Operating width: 19.5″
  • Height Lowest Working in: 20″
  • Overall Height: 38″
  • Advance Travel: 100 ft./min.
  • Surface capacity: 9,750 ft2/hr
  • Engine: Honda air-cooled, 4 cycle, single cylinder, gasoline engine
  • Transmission: Power transmission from engine via centrifugal clutch and V-belt onto exciter which transmits centrifugal force onto baseplate.
  • Fuel consumption: 0.5 US gal/h
  • Tank capacity: 3.9 US qt
3 years


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