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Gardenland HydroPower PRS290 Pressure Washer



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The Gardenland HydroPower PRS290 Pressure Washer combines 2,750 PSI of high-powered water pressure performance with an external unloader and a thermal relief valve to prevent engine pump overheating. It comes with five custom nozzle tips from blasting and cleaning force, to soft water and rinsing. The single-braided 50 foot hose provides plenty of reach for any job, and the AR-pump is powered by a Honda GX200 OHV 5.5 horsepower engine. 

(Part No.PX200RA-3025RCV)

  • AR Pump with External Unloader – Diverts water flow into a bypass when the trigger is closed to prevent water from over-heating.
  • Thermal Relief Valve – keeps pressure washer pumps operating in a safe range to prevent overheating (caused by recirculating water). At water temperatures above 145º F, packing seals may fail. The pump then overheats. When the system is in bypass mode, the thermal relief valve opens to release hot water. Cold water can then enter the pump so it continues to operate at a safe temperature.
  • Hose – 50 foot single-braided hose.
  • PSI Rating – 2,750 PSI.
  • Water Flow – 3 gal/min.
  • 5 Custom Nozzle Tips – 4 tips from 0 (blasting/cleaning)- 40’ (washing/rinsing) and 1 soap dispenser nozzle.
  • Ergonomic handle with safety locking feature.
  • Triple Plunger Pumps – High strength forged brass or nickel plated are cooler running than other pump designs and produce maximum GPM with less horsepower.
  • Crankcase – Precision die-cast with large cooling fins and anodized for better heat dissipation to keep engine cool.
  • Engine – California CARB Honda GX200 5.5HP OHV air-cooled 4-stroke engine 9.1 lb.-ft Torque.
  • Fuel-tank capacity – 3.3 quarts
  • Pump Warranty: 1 Year Parts & Labor; followed by 4 years parts only
  • Engine Warranty: 3-Year
  • 2-Year Warranty on the Pump
  • 3-Year Warranty on the Honda engine


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