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TOWA Industries evolved out of Gardenland Power Equipment, and specifically from our passion and commitment selling battery-powered equipment. We were first to sell Mean Green mowers, install Automowers at Google, Facebook and Cisco, and power landscapers across Silicon Valley. It’s why we sell more battery-powered equipment than any other dealer in the US.

Sell. Test. Learn.

We love to collaborate with our customers. UC Santa Cruz, Stanford University and Apple partnered with us to convert their landscape crews to a 100% battery-powered solution. Their gear gets battle tested in the field daily, and we pay close attention to the performance, ergonomics, run-time, and charging needs to support a huge fleet of cordless tools. This knowledge is invaluable.

Born Out of Necessity.

Our evolution from retailer to manufacture came natural for us as we saw major gaps in the lack of a charging infrastructure. And our tech industry backgrounds in product design, manufacturing, sales and marketing allowed us to launch TOWA. We’re just getting started.

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TOWA PDM-20-8 Smart Charging Switch

The TOWA PDM™ (Power Distribution Manager) is the first SMART battery charging appliance designed for professional landscapers in the Outdoor Power Equipment industry. The PDM-20-8 intelligently charges eight batteries without overloading an electrical circuit by detecting amp draw requirements for each battery, then safely distributing power to each battery charger.

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