Gravely EV Zero-Turn Demo

Gravely Pro-Turn EV Battery-Powered Zero-Turn Mower

We just hosted a demo event with the Gravely engineering team and got an overview on their new electric zero-turn lawnmower. Gravely has 75 years of experience building commercial quality mowers, and launched their new lithium-ion battery-powered mower.

Gravely Pro-Turn EV Features

  • FusionCore QuikSwap Batteries are designed with flexibility in mind, ensuring you and your crew have the ability to continue cutting all day and beyond. Once again, Gravely is driving innovation and taking full charge of the new electric frontier.
  • X3 Constant Drive Spindles are exclusively designed by Gravely to prevent motor damage by absorbing blade impact, protecting the machine from those unavoidable, accidental run-ins with ordinary obstacles. Spindles are easily serviceable, allowing you to rebuild and not replace.
  • Next-Gen Wheel Drives optimize commercial durability and comfort reign supreme. Transaxles are driven with a brushless electric drive motor coupled with a planetary gearbox that increases torque. Your ride will feel the same as a gas-powered machine…minus the vibration, noise and exhaust.