Larry G

“I went to Gardenland to look at Honda portable generators. They had a good selection of generators, Honda and others. The sales person was very helpful in explaining the features of each model and what appliances we could expect to power with it. After deciding the model I wanted the salesman told me to watch a video on the proper operation. You get a discount if you pay cash or use an ATM. While they were writing up the receipt the service people were gassing it up and testing it. I was then taken to the service department where they showed me how to start it, gas it and shut it down. I feel confident I can get it up and running thanks to their help. They have about every garden tool you would ever need and a repair department.”

Cathy H

“I drove up to Gardenland about 5 minutes before closing the other night with my lawnmower that had been in storage for a couple years. I got the most professional, comprehensive service I could have hoped for. All around us employees were scrambling to close up shop, but the gentleman who was helping me never made me feel rushed or that I was inconveniencing him. He took the mower out of my car, put some gas in it, got it started, put it back in the car, gave me some tips on stowing it for the winter and didn’t charge me a dime. 5-star service.”

Denis F

“Richard and Abel are simply amazing … they answered all of my questions via e-mail, on the phone and in-person. Richard took the time to help me find the right trimmer and accessories for my yard and budget ! Not only are they great before the sale, they gave me the same level of service after the sale … you almost never see this anymore today… I am now a loyal “Gardenlander” for life !”


“Awesome place. I had a really simple problem with my Stihl BR55 handheld blower.We tried replacing the pull cord ourselves and got about 99% of the job done. Instead of checking it in, Abel fixed it right there on the spot in about 5 minutes and just charged me for the part. I had my 5 year old boy with me and we was getting very antsy and distracting, and I think Abel sensed that so they definitely made my day. I will definitely be coming here for all my gardening needs. Support local businesses these guys are way more knowledgeable and competent than Home Depot or Lowe’s and the prices are the same.”

Perry W

“I recently came here to get a new set of blades for my Honda lawnmower.I had heard and driven by this place for years but had never stopped in.I was pleasantly surprised at the selection of equipment they carry.I’m sure most gardeners and landscaper professionals shop here.The selection is all higher end equipment you won’t find at Home Depot, Lowe’s, or OSH. I took a peek at their service department and it looked like a auto repair shop, complete with lifts.Very impressive. They had the blade set in-stock for my lawnmower, so I was very happy.I will be back when I need parts or service of my gardening equipment.”

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