Bulk Chainsaw Sharpening

Get your chainsaw chains cleaned and razor sharpened with our fast, professional service. Fill-up a USPS Small Flat Rate Box with all your saw chains and get them all sharpened for the low price of $59.99 (regular chains only, no carbide chains).


  • Order the $59.99 Chainsaw Sharpening Service.
  • Gardenland will send you a USPS Small Flat Rate Box and a prepaid mailing label.
  • You will fill up the USPS Small Flat Rate Box with as many chains as you can fit into the box, then you will mail the box back to Gardenland.
  • Gardenland will send you an email confirmation when we receive your chains.
  • Our factory trained technicians will sharpen all your chains within 48 hours of receiving your chains, and we will ship your chains back to you. (USPS provides three days delivery from date of shipment).
# Chains Regular Sharpening Price
($9.95 per chain)
6 $59.70 $9.70
8 $79.60 $29.60
10 $99.50 $49.50
12 $119.40 $69.40
Box = USPS Small Flat Rate Box
(Can hold approximately 6-12 saw chains depending upon the length of chains).

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