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Gardenland Power Equipment sells and services line trimmers made by ShindaiwaStihlHonda Power EquipmentHusqvarnaand DeWalt. Whether you call them a line trimmer, string trimmer or lawn trimmer, they are an important tool in your gardening and landscaping arsenal.

Important factors to consider when buying a line trimmer

  • Terrain and size of the job – will determine how big of an engine you need and whether to choose a line trimmer with a bicycle style handle, or if you need a wheeled trimmer to tame rural property.
  • Line, blade, or both – if you need to trim brush and small scrubs then buy a trimmer with a bigger engine and the option to change to a blade.
  • Gas or battery powered – the latest lithium-ion battery powered line trimmers provide plenty of power, eliminate gas and reduce noise. Homeowners will enjoy the push button start-up and the low maintenance. Professional gardeners and landscapers can offer clients an eco-friendly service that is also noise compliant.

Purpose Lawn Trimmer Thick Grass & Shrubs Brush  Large Areas
Power Source Electric, Battery or Gas  Gas Gas Gas
Line or Blade Compatible Line Line or Blade Blade High-weed Mower
Cutting Width 8″ – 18″ 9″ – 18″ 9″ – 18″ 22″
Weight 4 lbs.-18 lbs. 8 lbs.-21 lbs. 8 lbs.-21 lbs. 50 lbs.
Curved or Straight Shaft Curved or Straight Straight  Straight Wheeled push behind

Lawn Trimming

Thick Grass and Shrubs


Large Areas

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