One-on-One with Ray Matsumoto, founder of Gardenland

Ray Matsumoto, founder of Gardenland

Ray, tell us about the beginning of Gardenland back in 1960? After two years in the Army, I worked in an automobile repair shop. I wanted to make extra money, so I started a side gardening business with a partner. But it was hard to find high-quality tools. So we opened Gardenland. Back then most […]

Test Drive the New 2016 Gravely Mowers on Feb. 1st

Gardenland just received our new 2017 Gravely Commercial Lawn Mowers today and you can sign-up to test drive them on Wednesday, Feb 1st from 10am-12pm. They will be 20% Off During Our Fleet Sale. #GravelyMowers #PleaseStopRainingSoForOurDemoDay #BadA$$YamahaEngine

How to Choose & Set-Up a Portable Generator for Emergency Use

Honda Generators for Emergency Back-Up Power
[responsive][/responsive] Trying to ride-out a power outage at home with candles and flashlights may last one evening, but we all rely on electricity to power our refrigerators, computers, recharge our smart phones, power our home security systems and more. Power loss can last a few hours to a few days, so having a gas powered generator ready […]

Watch the Husqvarna Automower 450X at Google

Husqvarna Automower 450x installation video

Our crew from Gardenland Power Equipment and Husqvarna USA installed a Husqvarna Automower 450X at Google today. Watch our video of the Automower operating in a 1/4 acre grass lawn area. The Husqvarna Automower is a self-mowing and self-charging lithium-ion battery powered lawn mower. The 450X model will mow up to 1.5 acres, runs on two lithium-ion batteries […]

Chainsaw Safety Check with Jared Abrojena and Chris Bruner

Jared Abrojena and Chris Bruner chainsaw safety

Learn how to safely start-up a chainsaw with Jared Abrojena, ISE Tree Climbing World Champion & Professional Arborist, and Chris Bruner from ProAction Tree Specialists. Before you operate a chainsaw, everyone should learn what safety gear to wear, and the proper safety tips to inspect then start-up a chainsaw. Chris reviews his safety feature check on Husqvarna chainsaws that can […]

Experts Tips on How to Keep a Lawn Strong & Healthy During the Drought

Here are the best tips how to save a lawn during the on-going California drought. Increase Lawn Mower Blade Cutting Height – set to 3-5” cutting height so taller grass blades can shade the sod. Mulch and leave clippings – to provide more coverage to sod and roots. Lawns lose more water and nutrients through […]

Get Drought Survival Tip Event from the Santa Clara Valley Water District Held Sept. 12th

Professional Landscapers & Gardeners are invited to attend a Free Seminar to Win Prizes and Get Drought Survival Tips and Tools from the Santa Clara Valley Water District. Meet Santa Clara Valley Water District representatives on Saturday, Sept. 12th; Session 1 runs from 10am-10:30am, and Session 2 runs from 1pm-1:30pm at Gardenland Power Equipment in Campbell. Learn about their Landscape Rebate Program, Irrigation […]