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Here’s How It Works

  • Apply | Submit one easy online application in 60-seconds.
  • Choose | The first three lenders to approve your application submit their offers – choose the best one for you.
  • Earn | Get your equipment and get to work, and start growing your revenue.

Finance FAQs

Can I finance any brand of equipment?
Yes, there are no restrictions.

Is there a minimum amount required to finance my purchase?
Yes, you must spend at least $2,000. You can buy multiple pieces of equipment that totals more than $2,000, or you can finance large equipment purchases over $2,000.

What is required to finance my purchase?
You will need one of the following: a Federal Tax ID Number, or a social security number.

How Do I Get Started?
Add items into the shopping cart on our website, view the monthly finance estimate, then fill-out the quick application. Or, stop-by Gardenland or call us at 408-3770-4496 for a quote.