Tips for Running Your Gas Powered Generator & Safe Storage After the PG&E Power Outage

Using a gas powered generator during the PG&E Power Outage
Here are some tips to get you through the PG&E Power Outage if you are using a gas powered generator for back-up power.

Always run a generator outside and safe from rain and heavy wind debris. Use hi-octane gasoline (at least 89 octane) that you can buy at Shell, Chevron and Union 76 gas stations. Don’t buy cheap gas.

If you are using a generator to power appliances and computers you should buy a generator with inverter power to provide clean safe power. Non-inverter power generators can create spikes from power surges that will damage electronics.


If your power is shut-off, expect a 3-5 day delay before PG&E turns on your power after they determine that it’s safe to restore power. PG&E is liable if they turn-on power and start a fire. They have to physically check all power lines before turning them on again and this will cause a long delay before they restore power.

Honda generators running on eco-throttle mode can provide up to 8-hours of run time on 1 gallon of gas. If you have to wait 5 days for PG&E to turn power back on, then you need 3 gallons of gas per day if you need to run your generator 24 hours a day. 3 gallons of gas per day x 5 days = 15 gallons of gas. If you loose power in your home it’s likely that your neighborhood gas station will loose power and that means they can’t pump gas. So buy enough portable gas tanks to get you through the downtime.

Gas goes bad after 30-days and the water and gas in clean ethanol gas will separate. The water will create condensation in the fuel lines gumming-up the line and jets in the carburetor, and the water can create rust in the gas tank and carburetor. This will create a very expensive repair to your generator.

After your power is restored, run the gas completely out of your generator then add some TruFuel into your generator and let that run for a few minutes before turning off your generator. TruFuel is a synthetic fuel (not gas), and will help protect your generator during storage (up to 2-years). Run your generator for 5 minutes every 2 months even if it has TruFuel inside the tank just to keep it running smoothly and ready when you need it again.

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