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Husqvarna Automower

Husqvarna Automower is the ultimate “Roomba for your lawn.” This smart robotic lawn mower will automatically mow your lawn so it looks perfectly cut and manicured all the time. The Automower 450X model can mow up to 1.25 acres of grass, will recharge itself when the battery gets low, and can be programmed with the Husqvarna Connect app.

We Love Automowers!

  • Gardenland has the biggest inventory of Automowers, installation kits, replacement blades and Automower shelters in the US.
  • We have installed mowers at simple to complex locations including at the Google campus, at wineries and at homeowner properties.
  • We “Speak Automower” so give us a call at 408-377-4496
  • Buy at our online store and get fast door-to-door shipping. Every Automower goes through a pre-installation check to ensure that you can unbox and install the robot mower with ease. The pre-installation check includes: charging and pairing the mower to the charging station, checking cables, and running a software update test to ensure the latest software is loaded and ready to sync with an iPhone or Android phone. 
Husqvarna 450X and 430X AutoMower Comparison 450X 430X
Maximum Cutting Size 1.25 acre 0.75 acre
Mowing Zones – number of lawns mower can navigate and cut 3 2
AutoMower Connect – sync with iPhone or Android app Yes SIM Card Upgrade required
Remote Objection Detection – decelerates speed before bumping into obstacles Yes No
Mowing time on one charge 260 mins.  135 mins. 
Charging Time 75 mins. 65 mins.

Husqvarna Automower FAQs

The Automower will self-charge and mow your lawn within the boundary wires that you install on the perimeter of your yard and around obsticals (trees, bushes, rocks, etc.). The Automower cuts in a random pattern to create the perfect cut, and uses very small razor-like blades to cut and mulch the grass.
Yes, if you have flat stepping stones or flagstone steps that are level in height to your lawn, it will cut. The mower will not navigate over raised stepping stones.
The Automower is very easy to set-up. You should first mow your lawn to your desired grass height. Then lay the guide wire and staple and secure to your lawn – Husqvarna does not recommend burying the guide wire.
During operation, the Automower will recharge itself in the docking station before it runs out of power. The 430X and 450X has a battery life of 7000 charge cycles; about 5-7 years average.
The Husqvarna iPhone and Android app will automatically sync with the 450X mower because it has the Husqvarna Connect SIM card built-in. The Husqvarna 430X mower will require an upgrade and purchase of the Sim Card.
There is 25MB/month data fee required to operate the Husqvarna Connect SIM Card with your smart phone. The approximate cost is $7/month but Husqvarna includes free service charges the first two years of your service.
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